Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.)

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P.E.T. is a 8 Week Long Training (resulting in a certificate of completion) that offers Communication Skills for parents to resolve conflict and create a positive environment for your children to thrive in.
Developing and using these skills can dramatically Change Family Dynamics and create a Strong Bond between parent and child, as well as improve other relationships within and outside the family.
P.E.T. was created by Dr. Thomas Gordon (three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee) ahead of its time, in 1962, and in the past 50 years has been revised and updated to address issues and concerns of today’s parents. 

4 Main Skills You Will Learn: 

1. How to Talk to your children so you are able to get your message across and they will listen,

2. How to Listen to your children so they feel genuinely understood without you taking on their problems

3. How to Solve Problems in your family without being permissive or authoritarian - no one loses and problems stay solved

4. Methods to Troubleshoot family problems and knowing which skills to use to solve them.


Who Should Take the Training?

This communication training is designed to address issues and problems of parents of children all ages. Whether you are a new parent or your children have left your house years ago - the communication skills you will learn in this series are beneficial for all relationships. Starting at a very young age of a child's life will give the parent (as well as the child) confidence and practice needed to resolve more complex issues. 
Families with older or grown up children can experience a great shift in family dynamics and repair relationships harmed by past issues. 

Benefits of P.E.T.

  • Practical Tools to help you parent with more Confidence
  • How to Listen so that you create Strong Relationships with your children and keep an open line of communication into their teen years and beyond.
  • How to Communicate your Side and respond to behaviors that are not okay with you in order to Get Your Needs met.
  • How to help your children develop into Strong, Self-Sufficient, Responsible Adults.
  • How to Problem Solve to Reduce Stress & Resentment within your family without resorting to power.
  • How to find Solutions that work for Your Unique Situation and family dynamics. There is no one-size-fits-all answer.

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