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Family Mediation & Parent Coaching


Our Mission

Empowered Family Solutions is a project by Michaela Pluskovich aimed at supporting families in creating an environment of respect and acceptance in which all members are able to confidently be themselves and effectively communicate their needs.
During mediation sessions we help families resolve interpersonal conflicts and move past buried issues, which can mend broken relationships and improve family dynamics. In the group parenting workshops, parents will learn effective communication skills useful to prevent conflicts at home, resolve those that are unavoidable and, in turn, strengthen their relationships with their children.

We believe that the way we communicate will not only shape our children's personalities and future but effects our community as a whole. If we strive to create a safe and accepting society for our children and want them to grow into confident, self-responsible and empathic individuals we can set the first big milestones through modeling effective communication and allowing our children to become their own problem-solvers


“We do not look for compromise; rather, we seek to resolve the conflict to everyone's complete satisfaction.”

— Dr. Marshall B. Rosenberg, American Psychologists,
Founder of the Center for Nonviolent Communication


No-Lose Method

What sounds like an unfeasible task is the goal of our methods of communication, using attendance, acceptance and active listening .
Our mediation sessions involve neutral facilitation by the mediator in which two or more parties in conflict will get an opportunity to feel heard and understood.  This process will create a more amicable environment leading to a higher clarity of the parties' needs and a greater chance to resolve the conflict without one party feeling they are "losing" or compromising. Any agreement made is not only voluntary and formulated solely by the parties themselves, it also aims to address and satisfy all needs of each party - a no-lose approach. 
The goal of our parenting workshops and coaching involves teaching parents the communication skills needed to successfully use this no-lose approach so they will be able to skillfully resolve conflicts and create a more peaceful and harmonious home.